About the SIMWARE INC.


About the SIMWARE INC.

About the SIMWARE INC.

SIMWARE INC. is focused on the computer aided engineering analysis company.
Not only software, but also hardware to simulate the phenomenon in the real world are our mission in SIMWARE INC.
Founded in 2014, we are aggressive in CAE field.

Our Mission--Think Ahead

There are lots of un-know risks during the product development process.
To think ahead then action could make the way to success.
We believe to use the power of simulation technology can reduce the risk during the innovation and creation process.
It also realize what possibility and validation is for new idea or concept.
It's not only reduce the risk, cost down or saving money,
but also to make our environment to have sustainable development.
"Think Ahead" is not a slogan or concept, it's the mission and faith in our team.
So we named our company name as "SIMWARE".

Our Action for Think Ahead

We introduce the current technology to customers.
Helping the customers to understand and using this concept to solve the predict the problem during the developing process.

We also study the application that customers or tools that might not get before--
to think ahead the requirement for customers.
We keep in searching the good tools for customer to think ahead, and help the customer to realize it.

We share the wonderful experience by using simulation technology.
Not only for business customers, academic users are the important target group for us.
Only learning this concept in advance could give them a seed for the future.

Now we are the distributor of LS-DYNA, 3DCS, spGate, PreSys, DYNAFORM in Taiwan.
We welcome any business which are conformed to our mission.

Contact Us

Email: web@simware.com.tw